Climate hysteria – THINKING in SILENCE

At the moment everything is only divided into two camps – in all discussions and nowhere is a search for true causes more important. All that prevails is assigning blame and farting at each other…. Discussion doesn’t mean I’m right and you have to take my opinion. Then we might as well not.

And just panicking – as Greta would like – does not lead to the solution. Getting emotionally worked up has never solved anything. Emotions prevent solution-oriented thinking. But they can be used to good effect in a fight against each other.

Let’s remove ourselves from the situation and leave public discourse aside.

What have we got?

In the case of global warming – i.e. a warming of the whole earth – the area that makes up the main part of the earth – our oceans – would also have to warm up. The consequence of this would have to be an enormous increase in humidity on the planet.

That does not currently exist. On the contrary – more and more reports are coming in purely of ocean temperature stagnation….

If you get up in the morning in the forest, you will notice that there is no more morning dew. The humidity has decreased massively. And here is where something comes into play – which causes problems for our plants.

Plants and trees need an exchange with the air, just as our cells need an exchange from the inside to the outside. There it is called osmosis – between tree and air the so-called water vapour pressure deficit is measured. Vapor Pressure Deficit. The drier the air, the more the plant or tree closes its pores. It needs the moisture to be able to absorb the CO2. With this it produces oxygen and sugar. This in turn is needed for photosynthesis.

However, the humidity is massively decreasing, not increasing – as would occur with global warming. Our trees live on reserves for so long. If the condition does not change, they die and pests appear in masses.

So what’s really happening here? The climate CHANGE is clearly visible.

Also, the glaciers at the poles seem to be melting – but what hardly anyone knows – other glaciers are growing at an enormous rate!!!!

The Mont Blanc glacier (Alps) added 10,000 cubic meters of ice in two years, and the summit is now 2.15 meters higher.

New Zealand’s glaciers have been growing at an astonishing rate for years

The Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia/Argentina continues to grow

And so on and so forth…..

WHAT NEXT? We need context, not individual pieces of the puzzle.

When the big earthquake hit Hawaii – something happened – that hardly anyone noticed – certainly not our media. But people like to keep quiet about what’s really important.

Didn’t you notice anything different about the moon?

He stands differently since this event! And what does that mean?

The axis of the earth has shifted! It’s tilted. For those who don’t believe it – then why have many runway realignments been calculated for aircraft? Otherwise the autopilot would miss the runway…

What does this have to do with the climate? Quite a lot – The angle of incidence of the sun on the earth is thus completely different and that on every spot of the earth. That alone will shift all climate zones on our planet.

Do you hear that anywhere? No – some are screaming WARMING others are screaming NEW ICE TIME….

I’m afraid they’re both right – depending on where you are on the planet.

And by the way – a CO2 tax will not change anything – ZERO… Do we still have to breathe – or will we soon get points for killing ourselves?

By the current wrong discussion we overlook important things which become important for all of us. Vital to survival!

But to really be able to think for yourself and see what’s happening here: Panic down instead of panic up. Flustered little people who run around like chickens instead of driving will not see the consequences of what is happening here, let alone change them.

And to believe that we are now saving the world – a little humility would be appropriate, instead of antagonizing each other.

Life is about being with each other – not about permanently blocking out other opinions. That’s a lack of communication.

But perhaps our trees are also a mirror for what we do – they too can no longer communicate with the air and close their pores.

Lack of communication and exchange means death. Even for us…

Let’s get even further away from the action.

Walter Russell, in his 1927 publication THE UNIVERSAL ONE, clearly explained how solar systems evolve over time and that planets move further and further outward in their solar orbits. So it is part of a natural process that planets flatten out and the angle of rotation changes. This is exactly what has become visible to us, through the earthquake in Hawaii.

Nature will adapt. It’s their evolution. Who are we to believe that everything must always and forever remain as we know it?

It is we who must change to keep up with this process. There is no question that we are not doing very well with our planet in terms of the environment. But it will survive this change and continue to grow.

Do we? Are we able to grow together as one humanity and to face a larger process? Or does it continue to matter what my party, society, religion tells me? Then we won’t make it…

But perhaps it is important that in the years or decades to come a selection takes place. People who can change will survive and their civilization will grow. Everything else works.

Fragmented societies are unable to find solutions, let alone implement them.

And the only constant in this world is change. On to a new adventure.

Beyond the rainbowThose who know my book “Beyond the Rainbow” will know that I consider the pyramids to be a large interconnected complex of atmospheric stabilizers. They have created a uniform climate globally with the help of water and water vapour. A climate in which all life could grow. In which all the DNA could become active. But here, too, we prefer to revel in globally distributed gravesites.

Our cultures are completely different – but we all had the same funeral ritual for kings? Pyramids? Really? I wonder when the Queen will finally build her pyramid…. About time!

But you just have to have the courage to move away from social thinking. If someone just thinks what is scientifically accepted is right, I like to state the following:

During the lifetime of Galileo Galilei it was also scientifically accepted that the earth is a disc.

Have the courage to think differently and be different!!!!


Silvia Neitzner