Atlantis – and its resurrection…

Edgar Cayce (* March 18, 1877 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA; † January 3, 1945 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA) was a US medium. Cayce gave answers to questions about topics such as health, astrology, reincarnation, and Atlantis while in a trance. He became known as the “sleeping prophet” towards the end of his life.

Especially his Atlantis prophecies have been very specific. He named not only the year of the rediscovery, which he indicated as 1998, or the resurrection of Atlantis, but also the place – the Bahamas.

Was he right? Let’s have a look at the following link:


The former Paradise Island was renamed Atlantis in 1998. The Beach Tower, was also officially opened in 1998.
So what did Cayce see? A large and newly developed hotel complex with pyramids, underwater worlds and unusual buildings, the Atlantis Resort.

Cayce’s subconscious led him to places called Atlantis and their imaginations. The pictures he saw were absolutely correct. Only his interpretation of it is not.

The same can happen to a remote viewer in his sessions. You see things, but your mind cannot interpret them. He simply lacks in his personality the necessary data and knowledge or experience of what he sees.

Our brain thinks first in pictures – and not in words or analysis. This is a process that starts later.

What then did earlier prophets, like Nostradamos really see? The pictures they saw, where did they come from?

HYPOTHESIS to think about: If we make movies and a large amount of people see these movies, what happens to this information and emotions that are released there by millions of people? What did Nostradamos see? The reality or the echo of motion pictures from a collective consciousness of a civilization that sits almost only in front of technical devices?