The Observer and Timelines in Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is a method by which any person can learn their ability to see across space and time.

If you deal with quantum physics, a question immediately arises: If I collapse a wave function by observation alone, i.e. create reality – what do I cause with Remote Viewing?

Where is the boundary between simply perceiving and observing? I also can’t go swimming without getting wet.

And what is Remote Viewing actually used for? To see the past? And then? If I only dwell on the past, my future will be like my past was. Do I want that?

Is remote viewing the new entertainment show? Consuming a session of a remote viewer that I just consume like a new book?

Wouldn’t it make much more sense to view possibilities for the future? Something that actually moves us forward? Something that can then be implemented?

Is the future set? Hardly, unless you believe that and don’t want to change anything in your life. Non-domesticated animals instinctively “know” three days in advance that an earthquake is occurring in their location and leave. The only ones still sitting in the danger zone with his intelligence are us humans. And we think that’s smart?

We need training, like Remote Viewing, to reacquire this ability. And then what do we do with this tool? View stock prices? Looking at what others are doing? Why not use your own skills for your own development projects?

What does it mean to view other futures, or other timelines? It only makes sense if we know how to get there, too.

A prerequisite for this would be if I trust my Remote Viewing sessions to act accordingly. This requires the ability that I can change myself or I am also ready to make possibly serious changes in my life.

If I don’t change anything – nothing will change.

I can hear the voices again saying, “But you can’t change the world because…” Maybe we just start with us in the “small”? I can change the “big” only starting in the small. And every change, no matter how small, begins to change the future – my future.

And why do you do Remote Viewing or are you engaged in it?