Remote viewing

The CIA and the U.S. Army developed a protocol funded with over $20 million called Remote Viewing (RV), which allows the inherent ability of the subconscious mind to gain knowledge of any person, place, thing in the past, present or future.

Where would you go if you were completely free in space and time?
Would you go backwards in time to meet your ancestors?
Or forward in time to see what it will look like in 300 years?
Or getting microscopic and looking at molecules?

And you wonder:

Where’s my crystal ball when I need it?
The answer is – you already own it!!!

It’s called consciousness

Even our quantum physics is beginning to recognize what our consciousness really is.
And there is a technique – that this crystal ball reveals to you:

Remote viewing

Here is the film Third Eye Spies

Remote Viewing or “RV” is a skill that trains you to receive data about any person, place, thing, or event in the past, present, or future from your subconscious mind.

Each RV session is performed blind. That means you only get a letter-number-combination, behind which the actual target is hidden. You don’t know where you’re being sent.

Although many people commonly define RV as a “psychic” or “psi” ability, Remote Viewing is more of a scientifically developed ability that is able to consistently achieve 80% accuracy rates on data during an RV session. This is the first skill that really unlocks the subconscious mind to consistently get accurate, reliable information about anything you want to know.

Our naive nature convinced us that the world was flat; then we discovered that it was not. We have discovered the capabilities of the unconscious, and that too is not what we originally thought it was.

It is a natural ability that every human being possesses. We’ve just unlearned it because we prefer to rely on outside information, like media, cell phones, and other high-tech devices.

Who can give you the best answers to your questions? YOU!

I personally use remote viewing primarily for future targets. Here you first see your own affairs – or should I say warnings? Then comes your immediate environment and only later do you begin to see larger events.
The more intense these events are in advance, the sooner they become visible. It is as if their echo sends out waves that are far greater than those of other events.
Accordingly, the more important and larger the event, the more likely it is to be visible.