Viewing the future … 2020

Remote viewing and the future … From 2020 when I started this project. 

They are monthly extracts from the SEIDNZ. This is a remote viewing target and means: significant events in the near future . It covers a period of around 30-90 days into the future, sometimes a little longer. 

These are just short 1-2 second blackboards/BLueBoards and not elaborate remote viewing sessions. The  can of course then be used as a template for a complete target.

SEIDNZ from December 27, 2020, nested train wagons

Actual event on 03/03/2021. Well – Europe was wrong … Otherwise a lot is strikingly true. The train was loaded with flammable liquid and shortly before it had actually snowed in the region, which is unusual there. In the desert of southern California, more than 40 wagons have been pushed into one another. 


SEIDNZ from December 27th, 2020

massive excavation of Mount Merapi on the island of Java in Indonesion on January 27th, 2021


SEIDNZ from December 27th, 2020

Snowstorms from the east across Europe and followed by various power outages in southern Europe, especially Austria and Italy. The snow chaos began on January 7th, 2021.


SEIDNZ from November 1st, 2020

I had broken off the carrier because it was more than strange – and thought it was complete nonsense .. Far from it … From minute 8:07 – plate-shaped object that shines downwards – in Croatia on December 21, 2020


SEIDNZ from December 27th, 2020

large building the neon green shines with beings in “victory pose”, crowds, at night, USA

On January 6th, 2020 the storming of the Capitol in Washington


SEIDNZ from May 14th, 2020

several blackboards on one topic – slope that slips, AOL sinkhole, view from above – rescue mission by helicopter (dog)

Landslide in Alta, Norway on June 3rd, 2020


SEIDNZ from November 1st, 2020

sometimes the pictures come so quickly that you only manage to write down the most important information before it disappears from your consciousness again. Below are the events that have just happened.

SEIDNZ from November 1st, 2020

Etna eruption on February 12th, 2021

The starting shot for the earth changes – it has been fired …

SEIDNZ from November 1st, 2020

Floods in Northern England 01/20/2021

SEIDNZ from January 20, 2020

Sometimes your own information appears in the SEIDNZ without you having any idea what it means. From mid-March 2020, the small, old locomotive was my company vehicle on the embankment to Hallig Oland.