The Blue World

The Blue Wold is a relaxation and wellness space. Its shape is adapted to the C60 molecule with mirrored inner surfaces. The calculated lengths of the room give an optimal resonance length for the desired effects.

Equipped with medical UVB in harmless quantity, it activates the mechanism of self-regulation of the body.

The length of stay in the room starts at 20 minutes, with only 7 minutes of UVB irradiation. After that, only the blue light remains. If used several times, the irradiation time can be increased up to 11 minutes. Cures of 10 units are recommended, with 1 to two day intervals off.

This room is a prototype developed by me (©) and is currently used for research purposes.

Here is a new study on the effect of UVB in connection with viruses.

Resting phase
Inside the Blue World
View from the outside

Music in 432 Hz vibration or special brainwave music supports the relaxation state. Microcurrent treatment can also be carried out at the same time for the therapy of pain conditions.

The impact of The Blue Word:

Deep relaxation within a few minutes down to the theta state
A Vitamin D3 Turbo Activator
A resonance cavity in the geometry of the C60 molecule – Fullerenes
massive stress relief
special blue light to regulate the melatonin balance – day and night rhythm
Inner harmony
relaxed state of focus – clearer thinking
increases creativity
can set detoxification processes in motion – therefore please always drink a lot (before and after using the room)

Due to the intense relaxation effect down to the theta brainwave state, the stay in The Blue World can be used very well for a cool down process for Remote Viewer. No matter whether for the classical RV methods or the Extended Remote Viewing.

In Russia, UVB irradiation has been given directly intravenously for several years. This has become a therapy in its own right, used primarily against viruses. Operating theatres are also sterilised with UVB. That would be a good approach… The fact is, when there is the right dose of UVB radiation, the immune system is activated and it regulates itself. Professor Popp has also found in his studies UVB radiation, which is the communication between cells at the light level.

We are here with the research at the beginning, but to consider them therefore not at all – would be medieval thinking.

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