Viewing the future… 2021

Remote Viewing and the Future…  The project started in 2020 and is developing much larger than initially expected. Therefore, the years are now each distributed on their own pages. 

Some excerpts from the SEIDNZ appear here monthly. This is a remote viewing target and means: significant events in the near future . It covers a period of around 30-90 days into the future, sometimes a little longer. 

These are just short 1.5 second blackboards/blueboards. A method developed in the 1980s between the US Army Special Forces and the famous psychic Dr. Richard Ireland. I named it the BlueBoard because I primarily use my LDH method that I developed. Using these BlueBoards, remote viewing sessions can of course be set up to obtain much more accurate information.

Feel free to pass on to me any events that occur in the SEIDNZ. I appreciate getting feedback on targets that have occurred.


SEIDNZ of 19.12.2021

Escape from the cities, traffic jams – all congested….

02/28/2022 – This target is also likely to refer to Russia’s current war against Ukraine. For various reasons, I will not show any pictures here.


SEIDNZ of 19.12.2021

empty shelves, also begins to affect Sweden

Shelves in Hanover mid-March 2022 at Aldi… Cooking oil, yeast, flour, baby assortment and toilet paper in short supply…


SEIDNZ of 19.12.2021

Bridge over river destroyed by high water masses occurring at short notice

26.12.2021 Wexford, Ireland
Two bridges collapsed due to floods. One in Wilton Bree and another in Kilcarbry. Various others have been damaged by the floods.


SEIDNZ of 19.12.2021

Military in the streets, big cities affected in the EU, dark, streets are empty….

28.02.2022 – This target is likely to refer to Russia’s current war in Ukraine. Let’s hope it doesn’t spread.


02/14/2012 – A bizarre and disturbing incident in Mexico as hundreds of birds simultaneously fell dead from the sky.

01.01.2022 – Fish rain / fall from the sky in Texas. Several residents in east Texas reported seeing fish all over the ground that apparently fell from the sky during a rainstorm this week.

SEIDNZ of 19.12.2021

strange natural phenomena: black rain, dead birds falling from the sky and dead fish lying on some streets…

02/13/22 – Black, oily rain has been falling from the sky in East Las Vegas for three weeks. Explanation? Wrong…

SEIDNZ 23.11.21_8

SEIDNZ of 23.11.2021

Gas escapes from the bottom of the sea through opening fissures.

04/26/2022 – The seafloor off southern Indonesia rises and falls several times by up to 100 meters over 6 hours each time. No tsunami is feared but there is a possibility of a volcanic eruption at this site. From minute 1:29 in the film.

SEIDNZ 23.11.21_6

SEIDNZ of 23.11.2021

New onset of military conflict. for AOL: China

01/24/2022 – Chinese air force puts Taiwan on alert with massive flyby .

SEIDNZ 23.11.21_5

SEIDNZ of 23.11.2021

Something falls into the water. Like a meteorite – but isn’t really one….

03.12.21 A large fireball crashes through the clouds in Thailand.

SEIDNZ 23.11.21_3

SEIDNZ of 23.11.2021

Mass protests Worldwide (hardly needs an RV’er to do that). However, the number is developing in a way that no one thought possible. First and foremost, it is “normal” people who take to the streets.
11/27/21 – the MSM in Australia are openly reporting on the demonstrations, which they have not been doing for the last few months. The masses of people are so large that they can no longer be overlooked. The report itself also shows a change in reporting.

SILZ 23.11.21_2

SEIDNZ of 23.11.2021

Unusual car accident, where two cars collide head-on and the question is: How can such a thing happen?
11/25/21 – Serious car accident with two vehicles colliding head on.

SEIDNZ 23.11.21_1

SEIDNZ of 23.11.2021

Large fires, so that the sky becomes black with smoke with the following explosions

24.11.2021 – massive fire with subsequent explosions in a plastics factory in Hessle UK

SEIDNZ 1.11.21_7

SEIDNZ from 1.11.2021

“Water Breaks Through a Great Wall – AOL Dam

11/27/21 –  “Atmospheric rivers” break through, creating flooding across much of Canada 

SEIDNZ 1.11.21_2

SEIDNZ from 1.11.2021

Overall, the SEIDNZ was on 1.11. characterized by storms. Here is one of the blackboards on this topic

11.11.2021 A large storm system is forming

SEIDNZ 1.11.21_4

SEIDNZ from 1.11.2021

Fire “explosion” on a big road – building in the background – truck involved – AOL highway

Explosion of a tanker truck on 6.11.21 – in Sierra Leone – so hit and not hit at the same time…. The place was not hit in the SEIDNZ…. 

SEIDNZ 1.11.21_1

SEIDNZ from 1.11.2021

Massive protests in front of government building

13.11.21 – Lockdown protest Melbourne, Australia outside Victoria Parliament

SEIDNZ 17.10.21_2

SEIDNZ of 17.10.2021

Border conflicts come to a head

21.10.2021 – the conflict on the border between Poland and Belarus take new height. 09.11.21 12,000 troops are deployed to the border. On 14.11. reports that a Polish soldier was shot at the border.16.11.21 Escalation at the border with water cannons.

Summary SEIDNZ 01.10.2021

Volcanic activity increases massively and landfall occurs in remote areas, followed by cold spells with snow (EU) and turbulence in the financial market, to say the least. The cheering crowds in the cities seem to be politically motivated.

SEIDNZ from 01.10.2021

big city, people cheer and celebrate

SEIDNZ from 01.10.2021

The ring of fire begins to become active. Volcanic activity is increasing massively. La Palma is just a sideshow.

Volcanic activity on 13.10.21


03.10.21 Water vortex off Corsica

SEIDNZ from 01.10.2021

Unusual phenomena at sea. Especially concerning the southern hemisphere.

Off the coast of Cuba on 16.10.2021

SEIDNZ 1.9.21_1

SEIDNZ from 01.09.2021

Lighthouse in storm, rain, oil platform in background – AOL: Accident


Drilling platform off California loses 500,000 litres of oil.

SEIDNZ 1.9.21_5

SEIDNZ from 01.09.2021

big black cloud, massive explosion, view from far above, parallel house structures, the overall session contained: asian space, chemistry, explosion like an earthquake, outside a city


Explosion in a Chinese industrial complex. The corresponding video has unfortunately disappeared from the net in the meantime…

SEIDNZ of 26.03.21

SEIDNZ from 26.03.2021

City on lockdown, shutdown, massive inspections , traffic jam on highway into city – AOL USA


Police roadblocks and controls city inwards in Australia – Vaccination checkpoints

SEIDNZ of 19.4.21_2

SEIDNZ from 19.04.2021

Compartmentalized zones – separation of “cities” and land areas

08.08.2021 – I have this SEIDNZ from 19.04. because of its explosive nature. The zones surveyed are called “GREEN ZONES” by the CDC. Stocks to be filled. The first video is a source interview and the second is one of the camps filmed in British Columbia. 

SEIDNZ from 02.08.2021

Shooting down / crash military aircraft – AOL: Transall
|looks familiar – from an older SEIDNZ|

Crash of a Russian military plane on 17.08.2021

SEIDNZ from 02.08.2021

High-rise building collapses – a lot of dust – – big city – costs lives

Milan 29.08.2021

A high-rise building burns down completely

SEIDNZ from 02.08.2021

Water – Flooding – Coast AOL: East Coast USA – Tsunami

Hurricane IDA on 29.08.2021 on the east coast of the USA

SEIDNZ from 02.08.2021

New International Financial Regulations – AOL: Dollar – State Meeting – China/Russia – Mixing Things Up

31.10.21 the G20 meeting – China and Russia only present via online connection. New financial regulations concerning a uniform “global tax reform

SEIDNZ 25.7.21_2
SEIDNZ 25.7.21_1

SEIDNZ of 25.07.21

Explosion at an airport. AOL: Europe / Italy

Manmade – Stop

Kabul airport attack 26.08.2021
One suicide bomber at the gate, and one inside the airport concourse.

SEIDNZ of 19.07.21

massive dispute between important representatives (AOL: Parliament)

29.07.2021 – Scenes from the Italian Parliament 

SEIDNZ of 19.07.21

Wind / storms / hurricane coming from the sea – ships get into distress. (concerning EU)

Precursors of severe weather changes

|What kind?| – cold, massive cold

Early November 2021 unusual snowstorms and cold snaps in Italy, France, Portugal and Spain

Typhoon In-Fa is on track to bring strong winds and huge rainfall totals to eastern parts of China, including Shanghai.

SEIDNZ from 05.07.2021

“Giant tornadoes” occurring all over the world. First in the USA – but also in China. In Europe, we have mostly water masses…. 

07/14/21 – Water masses and thunderstorms all over Germany – this is just the beginning though – in the next 30-90 days all of Europe will get massive water masses on top of this after the RV session. From the RV sessions of the last two months, another dam burst is to be expected.

Ribbons of the sun

SEIDNZ from 04.06.2021

Unusual solar activity: the “bands” shift against each other…. Whatever that is…

12.06.2021: According to the two scientists, huge magnetic bands are drifting across the surface of the sun. When oppositely charged bands collide at the equator, they annihilate (or “terminate”).


SEIDNZ from 04.06.2021

The moon moves into the medial foreground.

The following video is much older, but it has been making its way through social media more and more since 06/17-21:

A similar phenomenon from 11.07.2021:

SEIDNZ from 12.05.2021

A major volcanic eruption with ashfall – AOL: USA

05/23/2021 – In Congo, the Nyiragongo volcano has erupted. Lava destroyed homes on the outskirts of Goma, but eyewitnesses reported Sunday that the city of two million people was largely spared. At night, thousands of residents had fled in panic.

SILNZ 12.5.2021_2
SILNZ 12.5.2021_4
SEIDNZ from 12.05.2021

Sudden and unexpected riots in several places in Germany.

19.05.2021 – due to the riots in Israel there are also clashes in many places in Germany. Suddenly…

SILNZ 12.5.2021_5


Hundreds of sparrows are fighting for their lives in a cemetery in the Tianjar region on the tourist island of Bali. The animals die in agony. From the reports of the witnesses, the birds simply fell from the sky. Experts can not yet say what is the trigger of this mass die-off.

SEIDNZ from 12.05.2021

Bird deaths in northern Sweden – near Kiruna.

SILNZ 12.5.2021_7

SEIDNZ from 12.05.2021

Poison in the water – looks like little black clumps. Large distribution radius.

05/16/2021 – First water problems emerge in Bavaria. The article is from 17.05.2021


20.06.2021 – Several cities in NRW are affected – Bacteria in water with boil…


SEIDNZ from 19.04.2021

large ship in very high seas. AOL -Tsunami

05/02/2021 Two people are dead and several people injured after a vessel overturned in the waters off Point Loma Sunday morning, according to San Diego Fire-Rescue.

SEIDNZ of 19.4.21_1

SEIDNZ from 19.04.2021

several large vehicles fill the “concrete-like” substance into a huge hole. AOL – Dam Breaking – Asian Region – China


Photo from official publication about the Three Gorges Dam in China. The dam has been making headlines for some time. At the moment he has far more problems than normal. Especially since the water levels are very high now and the rain floods should not start until mid-July. The rainy season lasts until September. The risk of rupture is becoming more and more likely. Three Georges Dam is under massive pressure.

SEIDNZ of 19.4.21_3
the accompanying photo comes from an official publication - to be seen at this link:


The Guojiaju Dam near the city of Zhengzhou which experienced heavy flooding today has collapsed. The third dam within 48 hours in China.

SEIDNZ from 26.03.21_3

SEIDNZ of 26.3.2021 –

Video from 30.03.2021
at the airport in Montreal, Canada.

31.03.2021 Above the skyline of Cairo. Taken in Zamalek. 


SEIDNZ from 29.01.2021

Crash of a rocket with observers from the sea – at an inhabited city. Near the coast and in the southern hemisphere.

On 03.02. the Starship SN9 crashed or rather hit the ground and burst into flames on Tuesday.


SEIDNZ from 29.01.2021

Increased volcanic activity around Europe

Actually, I didn’t want to record the volcanic activity that was popping up everywhere, but this image kept coming to the forefront….

Current volcano activities you can find here


Iceland’s largest volcano, Fagradalsfjall has erupted after a series of earthquakes.


Two volcanic eruptions within one day: In Italy, Stromboli and Etna have spewed lava and ash again.


Mid-2021 in Arizona – Water draining underground – holes formed everywhere, forming whirlpools downward.

SEIDNZ from 29.01.2021

short image of the earth in cross-section, as if the water were retreating into the interior of the earth. Sudden drying up of springs in several places on earth.

04/02/2021 – The sea level in Croatia and Serbia is sinking. After violent earthquakes in Croatia, large holes and cracks have formed and water disappears underground. According to the MSM, the moon is to blame…. Probably showed up in Croatia for the first time today. Irony off.


SEIDNZ from 29.01.2021

extensive no-fly zones…

21 April 2021

Russia declares civilian no-fly zone over Black Sea.