Viewing the future… 01-05/2022

Some excerpts from the SEIDNZ appear here monthly. This is a remote viewing target and means: significant events in the near future . It covers a period of around 30-90 days into the future, sometimes a little longer. 

These are just short 1.5 second blackboards/blueboards. A method developed in the 1980s between the US Army Special Forces and the famous psychic Dr. Richard Ireland.  I named it the BlueBoard because I primarily use my LDH method that I developed. Using these BlueBoards, remote viewing sessions can of course be set up to obtain much more accurate information.

Feel free to pass on to me any events that occur in the SEIDNZ. I appreciate getting feedback on targets that have occurred.

SEIDNZ 23.5.22_6

SEIDNZ from 23.05.2022

A bus accident on the slippery slope due to water.
AOL: South America

In a serious road accident in Ladakh, an army vehicle (bus) carrying 26 soldiers fell into the Shyok River.

SEIDNZ 23.5.22_4
Turkey: As a result of heavy rain, the streets turned into lakes at noon, houses and stores were flooded.

SEIDNZ from 23.05.2022

Severe weather is rapidly increasing, especially tornadoes in unusual locations.
Combined with additional water masses, sinking cars – which wash away with.
Big cities…

Germany in June. The same images in France, Holland, Belgium and Italy.

A tornado in Holland, storms and massive hail with 7cm hailstones in Germany, landslides in Carinthia

SEIDNZ 23.5.22_3

SEIDNZ from 23.05.2022

long lines, “food stockpiling”, rush to stores, many standing outside stores
in large cities of Europe

In Milano long queues form in front of the stores – it starts in Europe…

SEIDNZ 23.5.22_2

SEIDNZ from 23.05.2022

“huge industrial fire”, the fire threatens to spread, several emergency vehicles and hectic

Finnentrop 29.05.2022 – Currently (11 am) there is an industrial fire in Rönkhausen in a sawmill there. The fire department and the rescue service are on duty with a large contingent. Currently, the fire department is fighting against the flames. The police are also on the scene. At this time, it is still unclear if there are any injuries.

(Update) More than 70 firefighters on the scene, also the technical relief organization is in action to enable with the help of an excavator of the fire department to get to the fire nests. Train services between Finnentrop and Plettenberg had to be suspended.

SEIDNZ 23.5.22_5

SEIDNZ from 23.05.2022

“Mass uprising” – thousands of people in the streets – presumably Brazil, as the Christo Redentor was the first to be strikingly visible

Jair Bolsonaro… Brazil *will not* sign the WHO pandemic treaty. He listened to his people, refused to force vaccination in any setting, refused to sign the pandemic treaty. Epic scenes

– unfortunately more and more videos disappear on youtube …

SEIDNZ 23.5.22_1

SEIDNZ from 23.05.2022

“new trouble spot”
Bombardment of a coastal region
AOL: Tainwan – but it can also be the Mediterranean or Black Sea area.

Taiwan claims China has made its biggest incursion since January. At least 30 aircraft have entered Taiwanese airspace, and Taiwanese fighter jets say they have conducted airstrikes against Chinese aircraft.

04/30/2022 – I will no longer accept war targets effective immediately. There is too much of it “flying” around in the air anyway. The SEIDNZ are also not meant to be monaltile news, but show a possibility of what is possible with this technology. First and foremost, OWN important information comes out first in this Target. Only after this general info follows. And that’s what it’s all about in the first place. And ANYONE can do that!!!

SEIDNZ 30.4.22_5
Blackout in Bocholt – Germany

SEIDNZ from 30.04.2022

Blackout – widespread power failure
AOL: Arab city

Blackout in Hong Kong

SEIDNZ 30.4.22_3

The RedBull Arena in Leipzig – has blue tiers…

SEIDNZ from 30.04.2022

Attack on a packed stadium. The special feature here are blue scoreboards.


Before the DFB Cup final between SC Freiburg and RB Leipzig, there was a butyric acid attack on the Saxons at their fan festival in Berlin. The perpetrators have not yet been identified.The game was won by RB Leipzig in a penalty shootout on 21.05.2022 with 2:4.
LINK to the article

SEIDNZ 30.4.22_2

SEIDNZ from 30.04.2022

The introduction of a new high-speed train

The new Chinese express train for export to Europe. Recently, in the presence of guests from China and Austria, China’s first double-decker high-speed train for export to Europe rolled off the production line at CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co. The new Chinese express train destined for export to Europe.

And again a video disappeared, censored, taken from the net or whatever… Got another picture of the type of train we are talking about:

SEIDNZ 30.4.22_1

Image of the Italian Parliament

SEIDNZ from 30.04.2022

A volcanic eruption in the sea creating new land

Eruption of the “underwater volcano” Kavachi in the Pacific Ocean

Underwater volcanic crater erupts, full of sharks and fish!
Spectacular explosion (May 25): Explosion of underwater volcano in Pacific triggers tsunami

SEIDNZ 2022_6

SEIDNZ of 23.12.21 for June

For June, I already had complete chaos in southern Sweden at the end of last year. Possibly the beginning has already shown now in April at Easter, where there have been protests in Malmö, Landskrona, Linkoping, Norrkoping and Orebro. The police speak of a new “quality” of riots.

SEIDNZ 2022_5

SEIDNZ from 23.12.2021 for May

Attention goes to the sky??? Problems in the financial system

The Chinese military sees itself threatened in Elon Musk’s satellites and is said to have plans to destroy them….

SEIDNZ from 18.4.2022

The last SEIDNZ were marked by a lot of “war action”. It is difficult to get through all the “noise”. In summary, I would describe it like this: A similar situation as before the 1st World War, with a complete overestimation of one’s own capabilities. Images as at the Great Recession – the repetition of history. At this point, one wishes to be wrong….

SEIDNZ 18.4.22_5

SEIDNZ from 18.4.2022

A closed departure lounge at the airport. People can’t leave. Impatience, restlessness and tumult forming.

04/19/2022 A computer problem stranded hundreds of Sunwing passengers at Toronto Pearson Airport.
It was a network-wide system outage that affected check-in and flight boarding.

SEIDNZ 18.4.22_4

SEIDNZ from 18.4.2022

A recurring image of a ship in a canal with cheering people standing alongside. The reason is not apparent to me, but it must be important. A full RV session would be appropriate here….

04/27/2022 – It’s King’s Day in Holland. On this day, the Dutch celebrate their king and everything is on its feet. The canals are full of boats and cheering people everywhere. Why does this show up in this Target? This is not yet apparent to me. Another viewer had the spontaneous image of a crown – otherwise I would never have thought of it.

SEIDNZ 18.4.22_3

SEIDNZ from 18.4.2022

Malfunction in a nuclear power plant leads to shutdown – military in the area

Power outage around Zaporizhzhya NPP – power plant “completely” taken off the grid – I have linked the article here

SEIDNZ 18.4.22_2

SEIDNZ from 18.4.2022

Military confrontation at sea

SEIDNZ 18.4.22_1

SEIDNZ from 18.4.2022

Ship accident with many people in the water. AOL: Cruise ship

04/24/2022 – Ten dead after excursion ship sinks off coast of northern Japan

SEIDNZ from 1.4.2022

The SEIDNZ of April is characterized by very contrasting temperature and weather situations and looks like “split”. Similar to the situation of the people – they are also very divided in their opinions and views. One could almost think that nature mirrors our behavior one to one…

SEIDNZ 1.4.2022_7

04/02/2022 – a photo of the Earth over Africa. Interesting “cloud line” across the planet, very similar to the first ideogram…

SEIDNZ from 1.4.2022

Two targets at once, related to Earth’s atmosphere. Looks like a crack in the Earth’s atmosphere causing cold snaps in unusual places. How “shifts” in the layers – AOL: weather caprices

03.04.2022 – Weather caprices in the form of unusual frosts and snowfalls hit most of Europe, with temperatures in parts as low as minus 18 degrees in the upper regions of Spain and France

11.04.2011 – Record snow in the USA

Unusually extreme snowstorm in Manitoba, Canada with 80 cm of snow in some areas

11.04.2022 – South Africa in the snow

20.04.2022 – Snowfall in Spain

SEIDNZ 1.4.2022_5

SEIDNZ of 1.4.2022

Riots with looting in inner cities AOL: France
People are angry and feel betrayed. They give space to their anger.

04/06/2022 – Peru faces financial collapse and grocery stores are looted. In Sri Lanka, the currency is on the verge of collapse and there is also a food shortage.

SEIDNZ 1.4.2022_4

SEIDNZ from 1.4.2022

A whole series of “back-to-back” volcanoes, lying on a line, erupts simultaneously.

12.04.2022 – In Kamchatka where many volcanoes lie like strung on a string of pearls, three volcanoes are active today with increasing underground activity The Karymsky, Bezymianny and the Shiveluch.

SEIDNZ 1.4.2022_3

SEIDNZ from 1.4.2022

Salvage scenes – AOL: South America

04/01/2022 – On the same day, a mining accident occurred in Serbia.

SEIDNZ 1.4.2022_2

Image of the Italian Parliament

SEIDNZ of 1.4.2022

Helicopter crash AOL: Military aircraft with navigation problems

04/11/2022 Air force helicopter crash near Mhondoro| Zimbabwe after technical problems

SEIDNZ 1.4.2022_1

SEIDNZ from 1.4.2022

The topic of fires came up several times. Whether they are the same localization or different, I cannot say. Unusual here are the altitudes and the fires look very unnatural from above…. Also striking is a wind situation that rotates 180 degrees. 

04/03/2022 – A wildfire near Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Sevier County, Tennessee, has grown to more than 3,700 acres and affected more than 100 structures. About 11,000 homes have been evacuated since the Hatcher Mountain Road/Indigo Lane fire broke out Wednesday.

There were two targets with fires – and they are actually 2 different fire sources.

SEIDNZ 16.3.22_5
03/27/2022 – High speed solar storm moving toward Earth at 2.1 MILLION MPH! Which means the bigger earthquakes are yet to come….

03/31/2022 – The Earth shook as the Sun shot a massive X1.3 solar flare into space!

Image of the Italian Parliament

Image of the Italian Parliament

SEIDNZ from 16.03.2022

An increase in solar activity combined with increased earthquake activity on Earth.

03/18/2022 – Japan, 7.3 magnitude earthquake near Fukushima

23.03.2022 – 8 earthquakes in a few hours in Taiwan with a magnitude of 6.7

31.03.2022 – Earthquake magnitude 7.2 in New Caledonia

08.04.2022 – A gigantic crack has appeared on the sun – with a length of 200.000 km

SEIDNZ 16.3.22_4

SEIDNZ of 16.03.2022

Explosion in the upper third of a high-rise building – AOL: Attack

12.04.2022 – Explosion and apartment fire in Rheinparkcenter / Hammerfeld

SEIDNZ 16.3.22_3

SEIDNZ of 16.03.2022

Crash of a passenger aircraft with engine damage.

03/21/2022 – Boeing 747 on flight #MU5737 crashed with 133 people off board. According to initial reports, the aircraft was en route from Kunming in Yunnan province to Guangzhou in Guangdong province. Recovery teams were assembled and dispatched to the accident site in Teng County, state media reported.

SEIDNZ 16.3.22_2

SEIDNZ of 03/16/2022

severe storms combined with lots of rain. Power lines snap and create life-threatening situations.

07.04.2022 Storm low Nasim sweeps across Germany…

SEIDNZ 16.3.22_1

SEIDNZ of 2022-03-16

Train accident, with two oncoming trains colliding head-on.

03/21/2022 – A head-on collision between two passenger trains injured 95 people Monday morning in the south of the Tunisian capital, according to emergency services.


SEIDNZ dated 23.12.21 for April 2022

The main picture for the month of April 2022 is characterized by a lot of water – floods coming from the sky – floods – It is a worldwide phenomenon.

Already since March 2022, Australia has had the worst floods in the country’s history.

More floods in France, Brazil, USA, Chile, Indonesia…

27.03.22 – Spain sinks in flash floods

SEIDNZ 28.02.22_1

SEIDNZ from 28.02.2022

Blasting, sabotage, attempt fraud?, factory building, insolvency AOL: shoe trade

02.03.2022 – Major fire in a warehouse

SEIDNZ 28.02.22_4

SEIDNZ from 28.02.2022

Massive storm combined with rain passes over a city, the streets can no longer be walked on, building roots, glass damage. Beginning of tornado formation.

06.03.22 – Large tornado combined with thunderstorm causes significant damage near Winterset, Norwalk, and des Moines
SEIDNZ 28.02.22_3

SEIDNZ of 28.02.2022

“Chase” – At night, male, armed flees from a group of people. Damp, wet roads, like after a rain

SEIDNZ 28.02.22_2

SEIDNZ of Feb. 28, 2022

Demonstration spiraling out of control. Two parties clash.

04/17/2022 – Aggressive protests have taken place across Sweden for days. The demonstrations were a reaction to the burning of a copy of the Koran in the city of Landskrona, organized by the anti-Muslim party Hard Line. Protests in Malmö, Landskrona, Linkoping and Orebro.

SEIDNZ 28.02.22_5

SEIDNZ of 28.02.2022

congested highways with honking concert, angry and impatient people

03/17/2022 – Truck drivers demonstrate on several highways against fuel prices. In Cologne, a demo is diverted through the city, amid a big honking concert. Resentment, or rather anger at the high prices and the resulting threat of the company going out of business.

SEIDNZ 2022_3

SEIDNZ of 12/23/21 for March 2022

Dark, empty cities, helicopter flying overhead making announcements. Large-scale blackouts?

03.03.2022 – Taiwan is affected by large-scale blackout

SEIDNZ 5.2.22_5

15.02,22 – Maneuvers on the border with Ukraine are over and half of the Russian forces return to their barracks.

SEIDNZ from 5.02.22

“Showcase” of tanks. Strikingly a flag that is carried along. However, there are no military clashes. Intended more as a deterrent.

SEIDNZ 5.2.22_4

12.02.2022 – in the Northern Hemisphere we have UV values twice as high as normal. It’s like we’re already in summer. Accordingly, here in Lapland we have northern lights at temperatures that are unusual. At -3 degrees Norrsken emerge as normally only at -25 degrees. The earth’s magnetic field is also going crazy right now. Good explanation see video below standing:

SEIDNZ from 5.02.22

increasing solar activity with solar storm causing temporary satellite outage via electromagnetic effects

09.02.22 – A solar storm stretching millions of miles will hit Venus AND Earth in 48 hours! – At the same time, space company SpaceX reports that it has lost 40 of 49 Starlink satellites freshly released into orbit due to a geomagnetic storm from the sun.

SEIDNZ 5.2.22_3

SEIDNZ from 5.02.22

Crash at high speed of a missile into a populated area. AOL: Military machine

02/22/2022 – Three people were killed in a plane crash of an Iranian army fighter jet. State television reported that the F-5 aircraft crashed into a residential area of the city of Tabris on Monday morning. The two pilots of the plane and a resident of the neighborhood were killed, he said.

SEIDNZ 5.2.22_2
SEIDNZ 5.2.22_1

Image of the Italian Parliament

SEIDNZ from 5.02.22

Possibly belonging to first blackboard of 5.2.22 (see below) Explosion of a “factory” with dark, black shiny coating around the building. AOL: chemical

09.02.22 – A foam factory in Orange, LA burns and causes large explosions. The fire was contained to the exterior, but motorists on the nearby highway could see how quickly the fire was spreading.

SEIDNZ of 05.02.22 Part 1 – Explosion with black cloud from above, emerging from a square artificial structure.

Summary SEIDNZ on 1/25/22: Overall, all blackboards were characterized by “marine influences.” and mainly “water events”. About the date on the session sheets: I must have been a month ahead of time. Targets were made on 1/25/22 and not in February…. When you come out of the Theta state and do Blackboards, not only does your writing become illegible, but this time I got the date wrong!!!

SEIDNZ 25.01.22_5

SEIDNZ from 25.01.22

Cold fog drifts in from the sea and a city literally freezes over. AOL: USA

01/30/2012 – Strong, cold winds with snowfall and freezing homes on the East Coast of the US. Sharp drop in temperature within a very short time.

SEIDNZ 25.01.22_4

SEIDNZ from 25.01.22

Accident of a container ship. AOL: Run up or ram… Accident…

29.01.22 – Due to hurricane Nadja, a ship rammed the Freeport Elbe Bridge in the Port of Hamburg. Another freighter wrecks in the North Sea….

SEIDNZ 25.01.22_3

SEIDNZ from 25.01.22

Accident with damage to a satellite. Demolition of parts. AOL: like weather satellite

01/28/22 – The SpaceX rocket launched in 2015 carrying the DSCOVR satellite – Deep Space Climate Observatory is expected to impact the Moon on 05/03/22, at a speed of 9,000 km/h. It had “accidentally” drifted off course and was drifting through space as space debris in a chaotic orbit.

SEIDNZ 2022_2
25.01.22 – Athens and large parts of Greece are also currently drowning in snow

SEIDNZ of 23.12.2021 for February 2022

Snow and cold – EU – other problems come to the fore and Corona becomes less important…

21.01.2022 – In Turkey it is not only snowing, the cold snap of minus 40 degrees came so fast that even animals are shock frozen on the spot

SEIDNZ 2022_1

SEIDNZ of 23.12.2021 for January 2022

Massive uprisings EU wide – governments close off…

01/21/2022 – “Great breadth of protests into the smallest localities.”