Viewing the future… 06-12/2022

Some excerpts from the SEIDNZ appear here monthly. This is a remote viewing target and means: significant events in the near future . It covers a period of around 30-90 days into the future, sometimes a little longer. 

These are just short 1.5 second blackboards/blueboards. A method developed in the 1980s between the US Army Special Forces and the famous psychic Dr. Richard Ireland.  I named it the BlueBoard because I primarily use my LDH method that I developed. Using these BlueBoards, remote viewing sessions can of course be set up to obtain much more accurate information.

Feel free to pass on to me any events that occur in the SEIDNZ. I appreciate getting feedback on targets that have occurred.

SEIDNZ 20.11.22_10

SEIDNZ from 20.11.2022

Shipwreck – many people trying to reach the shore by themselves

Navy ship capsizes in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast near Bang Saphan

SEIDNZ 20.11.22_8

SEIDNZ from 20.11.2022

Lights go out simultaneously in several cities in the EU…

SEIDNZ 20.11.22_6

SEIDNZ from 20.11.2022

Winter onset in unusual places in the U.S.

Snowfalls up to 2.5 meters in the USA

An Arctic cold front moves into Canada and the USA. A cold snap of up to minus 50 degrees is expected in some areas.
SEIDNZ 20.11.22_5

SEIDNZ from 20.11.2022

Mass uprising Japan – Tokyo – unusual for this people

SEIDNZ 20.11.22_4

Roger Pearce, a 65-year-old Briton and the technical director of broadcaster ITV Sport, died overnight shortly before the Wales vs. USA match.

SEIDNZ from 20.11.2022

Football World Cup – death on the pitch

US sports journalist dies during World Cup quarterfinal. Renowned U.S. sports journalist Grant Wahl died during the quarterfinal between Argentina and the Netherlands at the World Cup in Qatar. Several U.S. reporters sitting near the 48-year-old reported Wahl collapsed in the media stands during overtime of the match at Doha’s Lusail Stadium and could not be revived.
On the same day, a second journalist died while covering the World Cup. It was confirmed that photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam of Qatari news channel Al Kass TV died on Saturday.

SEIDNZ 20.11.22_3

SEIDNZ from 20.11.2022

Submarine incident, Russian, ice floes, technical difficulties

SEIDNZ 20.11.22_7

SEIDNZ from 20.11.2022

Interesting ideogram – I’m standing at the window looking outside where a squadron of military planes are flying low by. Looks like a show of force.

The largest military exercise ever between Israel and the USA. A show of force, also against Iran.

SEIDNZ 20.11.22_9

SEIDNZ from 20.11.2022

Volcanic eruption with necessary evacuation. The lava floods a village/city. AOL: Island with palm trees

Earthquake (M4.2) and volcanic eruption at Mauna Loa, Hawaii LINK

Evacuations are being considered.

SEIDNZ from 29.10.2022

big explosion-like appearance in the sky – at night – big city – in front of it calm reflecting water

Many people in Northern California on Friday reported seeing a bright light in the sky as it swooped down. Video footage from El Dorado County and a ring camera from Redding in Shasta County show bright orbs falling from the dark night sky.

SEIDNZ from 29.10.2022

Mass uprising, speaker, evt. Politicians, are taken/expelled from podium, outside at a stone sculpture

The protests in Brazil are not abating. The whole country is on its feet.


Australia experienced several weather extremes in a single week – including snow, torrential rains that caused flooding and dam overtopping, and temperatures that fluctuated from 43°C to -7°C in a matter of hours.
Brutal cold snap on East Coast as flood emergency continues.

SEIDNZ from 29.10.2022

Coastal city floods, quickly turns icy, complete surprise, AOL: USA

Dec. 10, 2022
“Atmospheric rivers” are rushing toward California – as millions of people in the Plains, Midwest and Northeast prepare for severe storms. A severe winter storm will blanket California and the West through the weekend before becoming a blizzard in the northern Plains and moving northeast. Flooding and winds exceeding 50 mph and gusting to more than 100 mph are forecast, with conditions expected to continue through Monday.


SEIDNZ from 29.10.2022

huge building collapses, people run into the street, big city with heavy traffic, AOL: India

Building collapse in Amravati on Navneet Rana


SEIDNZ from 29.10.2022

huge volcanic eruption on an island, lava also goes down into the sea – AOL_ Pacific

Shiveluch volcano awakens in Kamchatka.
For the second time in one day, ash was thrown up to an altitude of 4000 meters. Scientists recommend approaching the hill less than 15 kilometers.
As local media report, the Klyuchevskoy volcano has also awakened.


SEIDNZ from 29.10.2022

Train derailment near a station – track misalignment?

Andhra Pradesh: freight train derails near Rajahmundry station


SEIDNZ from 29.10.2022

renewed massive air attack – AOL Ukraine/Russia – no sign of easing the situation

Countrywide Russian missile attacks on Ukraine

SEIDNZ 2.10.2022_2

SEIDNZ from 02.10.2022

Combat operations with a UFO sighting….

20.11.2022 – From the MSM
Ukrainian scientists have sighted two types of UFO’s in Ukraine. These UFOs are said to measure between three and twelve meters and travel both alone and in swarms and at speeds of up to 53,000 kilometers per hour – significantly faster than fighter jets, drones and missiles. LINK

SEIDNZ 2.10.2022_7


Cell phone network outages last for hours – emergency calls partly unreachable – LINK

SEIDNZ from 02.10.2022

Increased solar activity, widespread failure of cell phone networks and therefore also no reception, or accessibility.

The ongoing solar storms with their impact on the weather, such as Hurricane Ian and failure of cell phone networks and more.

SEIDNZ 2.10.2022_5

SEIDNZ from 02.10.2022

Satellite parts crash to earth after being partially destroyed.


SEIDNZ 2.10.2022_4
China: These swallows refuse to migrate south, preferring to freeze to death in the north. Such behavior can only be explained by a changed magnetic field or radiation from another source.

SEIDNZ from 02.10.2022

Heavy rain in the city center with simultaneous falling of dead birds. New type of Sendetum stands nearby.

Recently, more and more of these Tesla coils have been popping up in major cities in Germany – this one in Dortmund – and likewise in Mannheim. These are the transmission towers from my RV.

SEIDNZ 2.10.2022_3

10/16/2022 PERU
Thousands of vaccine doses from Germany discovered on completely filthy beach in Peru. The vaccine doses originate from a German laboratory. SOURCE
A spokesman for the environmental organization Vida told The Associated Press that thousands of vaccines from the German laboratory GlaxoSmithKline were involved. Explosively, Peru’s Ministry of Health denied in a statement that state health authorities had procured the vaccines.

SEIDNZ from 02.10.2022

Sewage scandal – due to “illegally” discharged poison. Causes a stir.

Lack of chemicals in wastewater treatment plants: 4 German states suspend rules on water purification. Drinking water is also affected.  The new regulations are currently in force in North Rhine-Westphalia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt are to follow.  SOURCE Press Portal

SEIDNZ 2.10.2022_1

SEIDNZ from 02.10.2022

Unusual picture – an old steam locomotive with full coal cars. As if due to the lack of energy, people revert to old means….

From October, a total of twelve coal-fired power plants with a capacity of up to almost seven gigawatts will provide additional electricity for the German grid. They are intended to ease the tense situation on the electricity market. SOURCE Handelsblatt

SEIDNZ 31.8._1

SEIDNZ from 31.08.2022

Sabotage of wind turbines that burst into flames.
SEIDNZ 31.8._2

SEIDNZ from 31.08.2022

Major fire at a large building AOL: London

A huge fire breaks out in three warehouses in east London as 125 firefighters battle the inferno and residents are told to close their windows. It took 12 hours to get the fire under control – LINK

Link to article MailOnline
SEIDNZ 31.8._5

SEIDNZ from 31.08.2022

wide white areas – but is not snow, is dropped by helicopters…

Compact magazine issue 09/2022:

Photo of the month – Inferno – This summer, the unique forests of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland were on fire for weeks. A reporter convicted the alleged perpetrators. 2,500 square meters of forest were destroyed, including 200-year-old trees. 115 firefighters had to be deployed to fight the fire and property damage of 50,000 euros was incurred.
Photo Magazine Compact

SEIDNZ 31.8._6

SEIDNZ from 31.08.2022

A discovery in a huge crater – expedition to collect samples…. “Breakthrough”, novel phenomenon.

Mars: Nasa rover makes important find in Jezero crater – and collects “incredible diversity of samples” – organic material. LINK

SEIDNZ 31.8._7

SEIDNZ from 31.08.2022

An event where it becomes black in the sky from now on – pitch dark – the building is reminiscent of the SEIDNZ of 05.07.2022
SEIDNZ 31.8._9

SEIDNZ from 31.08.2022

A ship of a major shipping company sinking off a coastal region due to technical problems.

Off Gibraltar, a cargo ship is in danger of sinking after a collision. What is interesting about the current events is that all accesses to the Mediterranean Sea are blocked by a sinking or stuck ship at this time…. Coincidences exist…

SEIDNZ 31.8._8

SEIDNZ from 31.08.2022

massive flooding via a structure located high above – has ship locks that look like elevators. Evt. a dam that will hold for some time, but will begin to break if the load continues. Large plant

Khanapur Dam (Pakistan) had to be opened due to high water masses and floods.
The same is true for Tarbela Dam, which is also located in this region and had to use its emergency valves to relieve the pressure.

SEIDNZ 13.08.22_6

SEIDNZ from 13.08.2022

Digital checkpoints for access to public buildings. Europe – Western Europe

Starting in October, stickers and the Corona warning app could make a comeback. Certain colors then give the citizen certain rights. Or he is denied these rights. see link

G20 agrees on digital vaccination certificate for international travel LINK

SEIDNZ 13.08.22_2

SEIDNZ from 13.08.2022

Too much water flows from the mountains into a valley and floods a small town. Dam involves AOL: Asian region

Flash floods in the city of Pengzhou in southwest China’s #Sichuan province killed seven people and injured eight others on Saturday. According to the local disaster management agency, the Longcaogou Valley was hit by suddenly rising water due to heavy rains at around 3:30 pm.

SEIDNZ 21.7.2022_6

SEIDNZ from 21.07.2022

Tumult in the Bundestag with problems for the government. The economy is collapsing.

What has so far been described as Russian propaganda, namely that the German economy is currently being driven irretrievably to the wall, we can now even read in Spiegel magazine. Here is a link to it.
Or Here

SEIDNZ 21.7.2022_5

SEIDNZ from 21.07.2022

A celebrity wedding at the harbor. Ship’s siren heard in the background. Something from the tabloids for a change :-)))

Princess Maria Laura of Belgium marries William Isvy in September 2022. The wedding ceremony will take place in the Brussels Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula.

SEIDNZ 21.7.2022_4

SEIDNZ from 21.07.2022

A volcanic eruption near the coast or on an island, with explosive eruptions.

Eruption of the Japanese volcano Sakurajima, with declaration of alert level 5 and evacuation of surrounding villages. 5000 meters high ash cloud. A spectacular eruption of the Sakurajima volcano has brought a shower of ash down on a town in southern Japan, bringing traffic to a standstill.

SEIDNZ 21.7.2022_3

SEIDNZ from 21.07.2022

Police get caught between two fronts of rioting groups.
SEIDNZ 21.7.2022_2

SEIDNZ from 21.07.2022

Two teams getting into each other’s hair during a soccer match. A game of a different kind for a change…

A brawl broke out at a high school football game, and dozens of players were benched.

SEIDNZ 5.6.2022_7

SEIDNZ from 05.07.2022

A pier of an old stone bridge breaks away due to water erosion. AOL: Italy, although there is currently a water shortage and massive drought…

Valdaora, Italy – after the dry period, mud and water avalanches occurred through the valley. Several old bridges have collapsed due to the water floods.

SEIDNZ 5.6.2022_6

SEIDNZ from 05.07.2022

Demonstrations and blockades of streets, city centers and highways are on the rise in Europe. Mass protests…

After the protests in the Netherlands, farmers in Italy are now also beginning to take to the streets.
Protests are also beginning in Poland. Other countries are joining in. It looks like Europe’s peasant revolt has just begun.

SEIDNZ 5.6.2022_5

SEIDNZ from 05.07.2022

Attack in a convention building, during an important conference. Striking the pointed construction of the beams.
SEIDNZ 5.6.2022_4

SEIDNZ from 05.07.2022

A military plane crash over forested area – AOL: Northern Europe

There were reportedly 11.5 tons of ammunition aboard the Antonov, which crashed Saturday night near the northern Greek city of Kavala. Serbian Defense Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said this at a press conference in Belgrade on Sunday, Greek news agency ANA reported. The ammunition in question is mortar ammunition produced in Serbia. The aircraft had all the necessary permits for transport, he said. The minister rejected allegations in media that the Antonov was to transport weapons from Serbia to Ukraine.

SEIDNZ 5.6.2022_3

SEIDNZ from 05.07.2022

Massive rainfall and flooding in large areas – AOL: South America

Honestly, it would just be easier to report where there are NO floods. China seems to have been hit the worst, Colombia at the beginning of the month, Australia two days ago with massive flooding, Russia is mired in water, Peru and India as well. There are countless other regions.

SEIDNZ 5.6.2022_1

SEIDNZ vom 05.07.2022

Ein Unterwasser Vulkanausbruch verursacht eine Tsunamibildung mit Überschwemmung an einer Küstenregion. Zusätzliche Bildung einer riesigen Aschwolke.

Der Tonga wird von einem Erdbeeben der Stärke 6.0 erschüttert. Die ganze Region erlebt

Am 10. September begann eine neue explosive Eruption an einem Vulkan in Tonga. Bei diesem Vulkan handelte es sich nicht um den Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai, sondern um einen flachen Unterwasservulkan, der als Home Reef bekannt ist. Innerhalb von nur 12 Stunden ist eine neue Vulkaninsel aus dem Meer aufgestiegen.

Seit dem 8. September 2022 wurden etwa 10-15 km nordöstlich der Insel Grimsey in Island über 7900 Erdbeben registriert. Es ist möglich, dass in dem Gebiet, das als Tjörnes-Frakturzone bekannt ist, eine Unterwassereruption beginnt.

SEIDNZ 20.06.2022_6

SEIDNZ vom 20.06.2022

Ein Damm läuft über – verursacht durch den zu hohen Zufluss aus einem anderen Becken, vermutlich eine Fehlkalkulation.

Die Tore des Salal-Damms am Chenab-Fluss im Bezirk Reasi in Indien mussten geöffnet werden, um ein Übelaufen zu verhindern. Grund waren die übermässigen Regenfälle.

SEIDNZ 20.06.2022_5

SEIDNZ from 20.06.2022

A sensational rescue operation in the mountains. The area is difficult to access. AOL: Switzerland

After the glacier collapse with six dead climbers in the Dolomites, the Italian authorities expect more victims. As soon as it became light, the search operation has started again. First with helicopters.

SEIDNZ 20.06.2022_4

SEIDNZ from 20.06.2022

The appearance of a massive sinkhole, surrounded by nature, not located in the city.

SANTIAGO, Aug. 1. (Reuters) – Chilean authorities on Monday began investigating a mysterious sinkhole about 25 meters in diameter that occurred over the weekend in a mining area in the north of the country. LINK

SEIDNZ 20.06.2022_3

Image of the Italian Parliament

Camera dei deputati / Flickr – CC BY-ND 2.0,

SEIDNZ from 20.06.2022

A parliament in complete turmoil. Risk of inability to govern. AOL: Italy

In Italy, chaos breaks out in parliament over continued military support for Ukraine. .

The Tagesschau’s coverage in Germany… Government dispute in Italy

SEIDNZ 20.06.2022_2

SEIDNZ from 20.06.2022

spectacular “court case” that is causing quite a stir. Unrest in the hall with “dissenting voices

In Italy, the trial for the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa began on Thursday. There are 59 defendants on trial, including officers of the operator Autostrade per Italia and former officials of the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. They are charged with manslaughter and other crimes for the deaths of 43 people. According to the indictment, they knew the bridge was in danger of collapsing, but skimped on maintenance to cut costs.

SEIDNZ 20.06.2022_1

SEIDNZ from 20.06.2022

Shipping accident triggered by a tsunami with flooding of the nearby coastal region

Tsunamis hit vacation regions in Spain! Several fishing boats have capsized and several larger vessels have entered other ports.